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Good morning, Marketers, “nail it and scale it.”

Stacey Ackerman’s latest installment of Getting Started with the Agile Marketing Navigator brings team members together so they can do just that.

In the Team Showcase, leaders should prioritize learning over assigning blame. Then, instead of being overly defensive, everybody is on the same page to “nail it and scale it.”

Chris Wood,

Getting Started with the Agile Marketing Navigator: Team Showcase

Agile marketers should bring the team together regular to showcase wins and learn quickly from losses.

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4 tips to maximize your ad spend and protect the customer experience

Make the most of your marketing budget while driving meaningful results for your business.

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Gap partners with DOGAMI to release pet-themed NFTs

Users in the “petaverse” will gain NFT access to Gap swag for their virtual pets, beginning July 27.

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Webinar: Four Elements of a Powerful, Data-Driven Martech Stack

Join our experts and learn how to manage various data sources to get real-time personalization and moments-based marketing right.

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51% of consumers would leave a brand if digital experience isn’t as good as in-person

PwC survey finds younger consumers are more likely to switch brands.

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4 key strategies for NFT brand launches

MintNFT’s James Sun, who helped make Balmain and Barbie auctionable, spells out the NFT playbook for marketers.

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What is a digital experience platform or DXP and is it the future of content management?

DXPs help marketers to deliver coherent, customized and compelling user experiences to more devices and platforms than ever before. Learn more about digital experience platforms.

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Email marketing is continually developing. Are you keeping up?

External factors like Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection and Hide My Email mean that marketers continually need to adapt. Download this MarTech guide to stay up to date.

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Are spreadsheets critical to your work? Last chance to take our poll

Do manual processes such as inputting data to spreadsheets still play a big role in your working life? Last week to take our quick poll.

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